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    Office furnishing with PET felt

    One notable innovation gaining increasing attention is PET felt. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this material offers numerous possibilities for designing office spaces that are both stylish and sustainable. Wondering which PET felt solutions we offer for your office? Then read this blog quickly!


    Multiple applications

    PET felt offers a wide range of applications in office design, giving designers and architects the freedom to create innovative and functional spaces. The most popular applications made from felt panels are:

    PET felt desk screens

    Desk screens not only provide visual privacy for employees, but also lend themselves as sound-absorbing panels, creating a quieter and more productive working environment.  

    These screens are available in three shades of grey and various configurations, making them easy to adapt to the aesthetics of any office space/office layout.

    Desk screens
    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestische Fency Workspace | akoestische scheidingswand

    Acoustic PET felt ceiling islands

    Ceiling islands made from recycled PET bottles are an excellent solution for reducing reverberation and improving acoustics in open-plan office environments.

    These 25 mm thick felt floating panels are suspended above workstations or meeting tables, creating a comfortable and productive atmosphere where employees can easily communicate and concentrate.

    These ceiling solutions ensure good acoustics.

    Acoustic ceiling islands
    EASYfelt Plafondeiland Circle drie kleuren 3

    PET felt wall panels

    Acoustic felt wall panels are not only decorative elements, but also serve as sound-absorbing surfaces that trap reflections of sound. These panels are used to create accent walls and add a visually interesting aesthetic to (open) office spaces.

    For example, consider a City Map of where the office is located, one of the wonderful wall solutions!

    Wall panels
    EASYfelt City Map Utrecht | Dik PET-vilt akoestisch wandpaneel zelfklevend

    Benefits for employees

    PET felt in office furnishings offers a host of benefits for employees. The sound-absorbing properties of this material reduce disturbing noises, creating a quieter and more relaxed working environment.

    In addition, the aesthetic appeal of PET felt contributes to a positive and inspiring atmosphere, enhancing employee satisfaction and well-being.

    Wondering what we can do for your office with PET felt? Get in touch with us!