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    Wall decoration

    If you are looking for an original wall decoration, PET felt is a wonderful, creative and sustainable option.

    With the possibility of cutting PET felt into any shape or pattern, you can turn your wall into something unique. In addition, the material has absorptive properties, which allow you to install a special and sound-absorbing wall decoration. And with the option of a self-adhesive backing, it is also easy to apply!

    With a choice of over 53 colours, 3 thicknesses and the unlimited possibilities of cutting it, anything is possible. From a small to a large wall element!

    Wall acoustics

    Acoustic wallcovering

    Japandi style

    Special wall decoration living room

    Looking for an original decoration for the living room wall? This prominent place deserves a design that suits you!

    You may have thought of a picture or a painting, but can’t find a suitable or timeless design? A beautiful tile motif is an option, wood panelling is a possibility. Choosing a design in a prominent place in the living room remains difficult.

    With PET felt as a sound-absorbing wall decoration, you have another alternative that you might not have thought of before. We do not want to make it even more difficult for you, but we would like to tell you about the advantages of PET felt!

    Advantages of wall decoration with PET felt

    There are several advantages to choosing PET felt:

    • it is original, and you can make unique designs with it. For example, a homemade mosaic or a pleasant shape;
    • it is made of at least 50% recycled PET bottles and packaging and is 100% recyclable;
    • it has acoustic properties: PET felt reduces reflections from the wall for better sound quality and thus acts as a sound absorber;
    • a soft and cuddly appearance;
    • precisely cut to size with our cutting machines in any shape or size: from small to large (plate size of 240/280 x 120 cm). Logos, maps, everything is possible;
    • we can cut notches and grooves in the material to create a 3D effect in the wall decoration;
    • more than 52 colours and 3 thicknesses available in any size;
    • a self-adhesive option, so it is easy to hang up;
    • long durability:
    • fireproof and can be used in public areas.

    PET felt can be used in almost every situation, including as a beautiful wall decoration in the kitchen around the dining table. Please note: it is not an alternative to (ceramic) tiles for the kitchen counter or in the bathroom.

    Creative wall decoration felt

    With PET felt, you have something original, sustainable and acoustic on the wall. The nice thing about this material is that you can let your creativity run free. With the Stick collection, we have come up with different shapes in various dimensions that you can all mix and match. So you can make a huge wall element consisting of different shapes.

    There are plenty of combinations you can make with this collection. If you have a different creation in mind, that is also possible, please contact us. We like to think along with you!

    Wall decoration acoustics

    A wall decoration made of PET felt is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also acoustically functional.

    Especially in bare and not yet fully furnished rooms, the acoustics can be poor. To improve this, absorbent materials should be present in the room. Ideally on a wall or ceiling, as these are hard surfaces that cause sound reflections.

    PET felt is sturdy, but it is also porous and can therefore absorb sound energy. Here it is true that: the thicker the material, the more frequencies will be attenuated. You can therefore choose between 9, 12 and 25mm. Where 25mm is acoustically very strong and is purchased for that reason in particular.

    Both 9 and 12 mm also have absorption properties that attenuate medium and especially high-frequency sounds. Good places to take acoustic measures are the walls behind a desk, sofa or dining table. These are often the places where you would want to have special wall decorations.

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