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    Acoustic Screens: The Versatile and Sustainable Solution for Sound Transmission in Open Spaces and Offices. To limit sound transmission, EASYfelt has developed a series of dividers and acoustic screens. PET felt is exceptionally suited for creating dividers, screens, and objects due to its robust structure.

    With the creative solutions of PET felt, you can adorn your office with unique and eye-catching screens and room dividers. Ideal for creating zones in an open office and enhancing privacy.


    Why Acoustic Screens?

    In a world where open office spaces have become the norm, the need for effective acoustic solutions is becoming increasingly urgent. In this scenario, acoustic screens made of PET felt emerge as a versatile and sustainable solution.

    Whether it's about creating individual workspaces, defining specific zones, or simply reducing noise, these screens offer a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

    The Versatility of PET Felt: Sustainability

    PET felt, a material manufactured from recycled PET bottles, is known for its sustainable nature. By opting for acoustic screens made of PET felt, you contribute not only to a better environment but also enjoy high-quality sound absorption.

    Extensive Collection for Various Applications

    Our collection of acoustic screens made of PET felt is designed to meet various needs. Whether you are looking for desk screens for individual workstations, freestanding dividers to create zones, or hanging dividers for a more dynamic layout, we have a wide range of solutions available.

    Colorful Solutions for Every Space

    One of the notable features of our acoustic screens is the availability of various colors of PET felt. From calming earth tones to vibrant accent colors, there is a color for every space and taste.

    These color variations not only allow improving acoustic performance but also create a visually appealing environment that promotes the productivity and well-being of employees.

    Acoustic Properties

    One of the key functions of acoustic screens is controlling noise in the workplace. PET felt, known for its soft material characteristics, excels in sound-absorbing properties.

    Sound-absorbing materials ensure the reduction of unwanted ambient noise, promoting the concentration of employees. Whether it's phone calls, meetings, or just everyday office sounds, our acoustic screens create a calm and productive work environment.

    Integrated Design

    Our acoustic screens are designed not only for functionality but also with a focus on design. The integrated design of our screens ensures they seamlessly fit into various office styles and interiors.

    Whether your office has a modern, industrial, or classic design, our acoustic screens add a touch of style to the space while optimizing acoustic performance.

    Easy Installation

    The user-friendliness of our acoustic screens is enhanced by their easy installation and maintenance. The screens are easy to install and move, resulting in minimal disruption to the daily operations in the office.

    In conclusion, EASYfelt's acoustic screens offer a thoughtful solution for sound transmission in open (office) spaces. With their sustainable nature, versatile applications, colorful options, acoustic properties, integrated design, and easy installation, these screens meet the increasingly urgent demands of modern workplaces.

    They contribute not only to a more productive work environment but also to an aesthetically pleasing workplace.

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