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    Not sure yet which colour of 9mm PET felt would look best in your room? No problem, we have samples of all colours! You can choose between two sample cards in the colours grey and earth tones, white and black or in the colours blue, green and pronounced colours.

    Would you like to know what the specific colour of the 9, 12 or 25mm you have in mind looks like? That is also possible with our separate colour sample of 10 x 10 cm!

    PET Felt Samples

    At EASYfelt, we understand that choosing the right color of PET felt is a crucial decision, especially when it determines the ambiance of your space. That's why we offer a convenient and user-friendly solution: samples!

    Whether you are unsure about the perfect shade of gray, earth tones, white, black, blue, green, or any other bold color, our sample cards and color samples are designed to assist you in making the best choice.

    Sample Cards for Clear Color Options

    Our sample cards have been carefully curated with selected colors to give you an overview of the possibilities that 9 mm PET felt has to offer. We understand that every space is unique, and that's why we've categorized the sample cards to suit different styles, ranging from earth tones to bold and vibrant colors.

    Individual Color Samples for Detailed Decisions

    If you are specifically interested in a particular color and want to see the exact nuance, our individual color samples, measuring 10 x 10 cm, provide the perfect solution. This allows you to view the color not only under various lighting conditions but also to combine it with other elements in your space to ensure a perfect fit with your interior.

    Ordering samples is simple and convenient. Choose the desired sample card or color sample, add it to your cart, and complete the order. In no time, you'll receive the samples at your doorstep, allowing you to evaluate the colors at your own pace before making a final decision.

    Why Choose Samples:

    1. Visual Confirmation: A color on a screen may look different than in reality. Samples offer the visual confirmation you need to ensure the color meets your expectations.
    2. Combination Possibilities:With individual color samples, you can combine the color with other elements in your space, such as furniture, decorations, and lighting, to get a better overall picture.
    3. Lighting Conditions:Colors can vary depending on the lighting conditions in a room. Viewing samples under different lighting conditions helps ensure the color remains consistently appealing.
    4. Texture and Feel: In addition to color, the texture of the material is essential. With samples, you can experience the softness and quality of the PET felt, helping you make an informed decision.

    Order Your Samples Today

    Eliminate the stress and uncertainty of choosing the perfect color of PET felt for your space. Order your sample cards and/or color samples today and explore the wonderful possibilities of PET felt.

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