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    An acoustic room divider is the solution for separating a room or department. By adding a room divider you create peace and privacy. Additionally, it also contributes to the aesthetics and there are 6 different designs and 32 colours to choose from.


    This series comprises 6 designs: Palm, Lines, Monstera, Branch, Dots, and Zigzag, bringing together creativity and versatility to elevate your interior to new heights.

    You have the freedom to choose from a range of impressive designs that reflect your personal style. The Divide series is designed with attention to detail and quality, ensuring that each design makes a unique statement in your space.

    Let's delve deeper into the features of these remarkable room dividers and discover how they can contribute to the ambiance and functionality of your interior.

    Thickness of Felt

    The room dividers are crafted from high-quality PET felt with an impressive thickness of 9 mm.

    Color Palette

    One of the remarkable features of the Divide series is the extensive color palette from which you can choose. With a whopping 32 beautiful colors, ranging from vibrant tones to soothing neutral shades, you have the opportunity to find the perfect color that reflects your personal taste and seamlessly complements the existing colors in your space.

    Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors to make a statement or lean towards subtle hues that harmonize with the surroundings, the series offers an abundance of choices. Turn your room divider into not just a practical element but also an artwork that enhances the overall aesthetics of your interior.

    Designs for Every Taste

    The series offers a wide range of designs to cater to various preferences. Let's take a look at the individual designs and discover how they can add a unique character to your space:

    • Palm: Bring nature indoors with the Palm design, featuring elegant leaf motifs. Whether you are a fan of botanical trends or simply seeking a breath of freshness, the Palm room divider adds an organic element to your interior.

    • Lines: For enthusiasts of clean lines and geometric patterns, the Lines design is the perfect choice. With its modern look, this room divider adds a contemporary element to your space, making it an ideal complement to modern interiors.

    • Monstera: With its characteristic leaves, the Monstera design introduces a touch of exotic flair to your interior. This design is perfect for those aiming for a tropical atmosphere and wanting to enjoy a touch of playfulness in their space.

    • Branch: Inspired by nature, the Branch design brings a subtle branch pattern to your interior. If you prefer a more understated design with a hint of organic beauty, Branch is the ideal choice.

    • Dots: For a contemporary and playful character, there's the Dots design, combining circular patterns for a lively effect. Dots adds a playful dimension to your space and can serve as a true focal point.

    • Zigzag: The Zigzag design introduces a dynamic element to your interior with its triangular pattern. If you are looking for a statement piece that grabs attention, Zigzag is the perfect choice.

    Flexibility in Space Planning

    One of the main advantages of hanging room dividers is the flexibility they offer in designing your space. Whether you want to maintain an open concept while still desiring a degree of privacy or you wish to add an artistic element that divides the space without compromising on light, the Divide series provides the ideal solution.

    Place the room dividers between different functional zones in a large room, use them as artistic accents on the ceiling, or create a temporary separation in an office space – the possibilities are endless.

    Which One Will You Choose?

    The Divide series of hanging room dividers offers an impressive combination of style and functionality. With six unique designs and an extensive color palette, this collection guarantees an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your space.

    Whether you opt for the organic vibe of Monstera, the modern lines of Lines, or the dynamism of Zigzag, the Divide series has something for every taste. Take control of shaping your environment and discover the many possibilities these eye-catching room dividers offer. Transform your space, let your personality shine, and experience the perfect fusion of design and functionality.

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