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    EASYfelt offers various room dividers for dividing up zones or spaces. You can choose between standing and hanging variants. Or how about a room divider planter? Virtually anything is possible with us! Please contact us for more information.

    An acoustic room divider is suitable for a workplace or in a living environment. With the acoustic properties of our room dividers, you create more privacy. Moreover, with these creative objects, you bring more atmosphere to the room.

    All our solutions are made of sustainability and sound-absorbing PET felt!

    Why a room divider?

    A room divider is useful for screening off a space or zone. Think, for example, of open-plan offices where the busy and quiet areas need to be separated. Or a house where you want to create a separate work corner for a little more privacy.

    In other words, with the room dividers, you can divide a room or space and create physical privacy. The acoustic properties of our solutions also dampen part of the sound.


    With the LeaveMe, we offer a special room divider screen. The playful design, the curved shape and the use of both sustainable wood and PET felt make this a worthy solution. There is a choice of different leaf shapes and colours. The LeaveMe can be moved around flexibly, which is very convenient if you want to screen off an area temporarily.

    We also offer hanging elements in various designs that divide a room or zone nicely. With cable hangers, these are easy to hang from the ceiling.

    Acoustic effect

    We use PET felt in our dividers. This material is hard-pressed but porous and therefore absorbs sound well. This means that the material dampens sound waves and helps prevent reflections. In this way, it improves the acoustics in a room.

    However, it is not the case that shielding with an acoustic divider creates complete silence. After all, part of the sound will still pass through, alongside and over this divider. If you want to make a room or zone soundproof, you must install a sound-insulating and soundproof wall.

    In addition, the effect of a screen is better if the walls and ceiling are also absorbent. If you have too many hard walls and a reflective ceiling, sound waves can easily spread. In that case, we advise you to tackle these surfaces first. For more information, please contact us!

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