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    A modular acoustic screen made of PET felt. Ideal for use as a desk screen or room divider. Available in three colours.

    In the rapidly evolving world of modern offices, the emphasis is increasingly placed on creating a healthy and productive work environment. In this context, the Fency series emerges as an innovative solution specifically designed to promote a productive workspace.

    This series, consisting of acoustic desk screens, not only provides sound isolation but also adds an aesthetic element to the workplace.

    Design and Flexibility

    Fency stands out due to its thoughtful design and flexibility. The series offers the option to order both individual screens and complete workspaces, making it adaptable to various office layouts and needs.

    The versatility of this series allows for the creation of customized workspace solutions, taking into account the unique requirements of each user. The desk screens are made from high-quality 25mm thick PET felt for excellent sound absorption.

    Colors for Various Styles

    We offer 3 shades of grey to complement the aesthetics of the workspace. The available colors—Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Silver Grey—have been carefully chosen to suit different interior styles. Whether it's a sleek and modern office environment or a more traditional and warm setting, Fency provides options that seamlessly integrate into any context:

    • Dark Grey: For a contemporary and bold appearance. Dark Grey adds a touch of elegance to the environment while maintaining a highly professional atmosphere.
    • Light Grey: A neutral and versatile color that promotes a sense of lightness and space. Light Grey complements a variety of color schemes and contributes to a bright working environment.
    • Silver Grey: This color adds a touch of sophistication to the workplace. It's an excellent choice for those aiming for a timeless and chic look.

    Acoustic Performance

    One of the key features of the Fency series is its emphasis on acoustic performance. The 25mm thick PET felt screens act as effective sound barriers, reducing ambient noise and creating a calm and productive work environment. This contributes to the concentration and well-being of users, especially in open office environments where noise disruption is often a challenge.

    Customized Workspaces

    The ability to order complete workspaces provides organizations with the opportunity to create customized solutions that suit their specific needs. Whether it's an individual workstation, a shared workspace, or a meeting environment, Fency Workspace can be configured to meet various requirements. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for companies aiming for an efficient and adaptable office layout.

    The Fency series of acoustic desk screens offers a combination of stylish design, flexibility, and acoustic performance. Whether creating a focused workspace, a collaborative meeting room, or an open office environment, Fency effortlessly adapts to diverse needs.

    The choice of three attractive colors, the use of sustainable PET felt, and the option for customization make this series a valuable addition to modern office setups. Fency is not just a desk screen; it is a statement for an advanced and thoughtful approach to the modern workplace.

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