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    Innovative gadgets made of PET felt: In a world where technology has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, the demand for sustainable and functional gadgets is growing.

    At EASYfelt, you'll find a variety of items made from PET felt, including gadgets such as a phone stand, a laptop stand, and various table screens. These gadgets are designed to promote a good and peaceful working environment.

    Phone stand made of PET felt

    Smartphones are inseparably connected to our existence in modern society. Therefore, a practical and stylish phone stand has become an essential accessory for your desk.

    The design of these phone stands is thoughtful, with attention to both aesthetics and usability. Made from recycled materials, they not only provide an ergonomic viewing angle but also reduce the ecological footprint.

    The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to take the stand anywhere, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience anytime, anywhere.

    Laptop stand made of PET felt

    With the rise of remote work, the need for an ergonomic and sustainable workspace has exponentially increased. The PET felt laptop stand addresses this by not only providing a stable and comfortable workspace but also contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

    The use of PET felt gives the laptop stand a warm appearance while still being sturdy enough to securely support laptops.

    Made of 9 mm thick felt

    The phone and laptop stands are made of 9 mm thick PET felt. This felt thickness is available in 32 colors, ensuring a suitable companion for your phone and/or laptop for every interior!

    PET felt table screens for focused work

    In a world where constant stimuli and distractions are present, promoting a calm and concentrated working environment is essential. Table screens made of PET felt offer an elegant solution to create a visual and acoustic barrier, creating a separated workspace, for example, at your kitchen table at home.

    These table screens are not only lightweight for easy transport but also easy to unfold. The minimalist design fits well in various environments, from offices to home study spaces, libraries, or public areas where peace and concentration are desired.

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