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    EASYfelt offers beautiful acoustic ceiling elements made of PET felt. These include baffles and ceiling islands.

    In acoustics, the ceiling plays an important role. This is because a bare ceiling is a large reflective surface that can cause reverberation. By hanging sufficient absorption on a ceiling, you reduce the reverberation, which leads to an improvement in speech intelligibility.

    An acoustic ceiling made of absorbent PET felt elements is not only functional but also beautiful and durable! For more information on acoustics, contact us.

    Acoustic ceiling solutions

    Discover our acoustic ceiling solutions made of PET felt. All our ceiling solutions have a thickness of 25 mm, so the solutions are not only of aesthetic value, but also contribute to an acoustically balanced environment.

    Our collection includes both acoustic baffles and acoustic ceiling islands in different designs. These ceiling solutions are used in various spaces, such as offices, shops and hairdressing salons.

    3 shades of grey

    PET felt solutions are available in three shades of grey, including light grey, mid-grey and anthracite. These colours fit seamlessly into various interior styles.

    Aesthetics and acoustics

    What sets these solutions apart is not only their aesthetic appeal, but also their contribution to noise control. The PET felt effectively absorbs sound, resulting in a more pleasant acoustic experience. Whether improving office productivity, reducing reverberation in reception areas or creating a calm atmosphere, our ceiling solutions offer an effective and sustainable solution.

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