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    EASYfelt is the supplier of PET felt. We offer individual PET felt panels in various thicknesses: 9, 12 and 25 mm. This gives you the choice of more than 52 colours.

    The PET material is suitable for various applications, for example: wall covering, ceiling elements, sheet metal finishing, artistic objects, acoustic filling, furniture, etc.

    For each thickness, you can choose between various standard sizes, but we can also supply custom sizes on request!

    What is PET felt made of?

    PET felt consists of 100% polyester of which at least 50% has been recycled. This is done by shredding used plastic bottles and packaging. By pressing several layers of PET fibres together, sturdy recycled PET felt plates are created.

    The plates are hard, strong, flexible, lightweight and porous. Due to its hard and flexible properties, PET felt can be easily and neatly cut into various shapes and patterns. It is also easy to hang up with screws, magnets or a self-adhesive due to its light weight.

    The porous property of PET felt gives it acoustic properties. It can absorb reflective sound and reduce reverberation in a room.


    Due to its good fire properties and sustainable character, PET felt is used in indoor environments such as offices, government institutions and schools. PET felt can also be used in homes!

    PET felt is an attractive plate and building block for making acoustic objects, wall panels, lamps, furniture (e.g. planters or stools) or dividers.

    Stock PET felt

    EASYfelt has over 52 colours in stock in various thicknesses.

    Standard base plates (not cut clean) have a dimension of:

    • 9 mm thickness: 244 x 122 cm
    • 12 mm thickness: 280 x 120 cm
    • 25 mm thickness: 207 x 102 cm

    In addition, we offer the three different thicknesses in several standard sizes that can be ordered with a straight or faceted edge.

    Products made of PET felt

    In addition to standard panels, we also have a nice assortment of finished products. For this, navigate in our menu to the category you want. We offer wall panels in various shapes, ceiling solutions and dividers.

    Working with PET felt in a project

    Are you working on a project where you want to use PET panels to improve the acoustics? EASYfelt is a sister company of EASY Noise Control and a specialist in acoustics. With a team of acoustic specialists and fitters, we can completely take care of your acoustic project!


    With our own production and cutting machines, we can quickly cut PET felt panels to size. In addition, we can also produce the panels in a self-adhesive version. Because of our own stock and in-house processing, we can also deliver customised projects quickly! This saves you time.

    Please contact us for more information or a customised quotation.

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