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    The decorative and acoustic wall panels by EASYfelt are made of recycled PET felt and are also sound-absorbing. With these acoustic wall panels, you can cover your wall beautifully. Suitable for at work or home, for example behind your desk or dining table in the kitchen or living room.

    There is a choice of over 50 colours! Moreover, PET felt is easy to cut into any size or figure. With the Stick collection, you can choose from a number of beautiful designs which you can combine to your heart’s content. Simply order the wall panels online. Do you have another design in mind? Contact us for the possibilities!

    Acoustic wall panels

    Poor acoustics at home or work can be a nuisance during conversations and do not help you concentrate either. Too much reverberation in the room is exhausting and can lead to stress.

    High reverberation is caused by sound waves reflecting off hard surfaces. As a result, sound reaches the receiver both directly and after a delay. These reflections are very annoying.

    The reverberation level can be determined by the reverberation time in the room. The reverberation time is the time it takes for a source to reduce by 60dB. The longer the reverberation time, the worse it is for intelligibility. In an office and the living room, we recommend a reverberation time of 0.5 seconds. In a church, the reverberation time may be much higher.

    To improve the acoustics in a room, hard surfaces (such as walls) should be made sound absorbent. With acoustic wall panels, you absorb sound and prevent reflections.

    PET felt has an absorbing effect. The thicker the felt, the better the absorption capacity. Hanging wall panels with an air cavity improves the effect even more.

    Wall panels living room

    Good places to improve acoustics in the living room are the wall behind the sofa or near the dining table. These are hard surfaces close to positions where conversations take place. Of course, these are also prominent places in the home, so you want to hang something here that suits your style and interior.

    With wall panels made of PET felt, you can hang up something original in your living room, for example. This offers a nice acoustic alternative to a painting, wallpaper or wooden panelling. Choose a neutral design for a calm and clean look or alternate shapes and colours for more playfulness.

    Wall panels fabric

    When it comes to acoustic panels, upholstered solutions quickly come to mind. However, a wall panel made of PET felt is a good alternative to upholstered wallpaper or upholstered panels. Acoustic PET felt has a soft appearance (it looks like wool felt), is strong and flexible.

    Moreover, the material is available in more than 50 colours and it is easy to alternate colour surfaces and shapes!


    With our Stick collection, we offer self-adhesive felt panels in various shapes. By combining dimensions and shapes, you can design a beautiful solution for your wall. The Stick panels are available in various thicknesses, with a choice of 9, 12 or 25 mm.

    With the right combination of shapes and colours, you create an optical 3D effect on the wall. You can also choose to cover only part of the wall. This makes it look like artwork on the wall. It is also possible to cover the entire wall with PET felt, which makes it a good alternative to wallpaper or other wall finishes.


    With our cutting machines, we can cut or perforate the PET felt in almost any shape. Therefore, the possibilities are enormous! Please contact us for the possibilities and more information about customised products!

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