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    PET felt screens and room dividers

    An original room divider or acoustic screen made of PET felt creates atmosphere in your office or home. At EASYfelt, you can choose from a wide collection of room dividers: both hanging and stand-alone dividers. We also have desk screens to separate workstations.


    What hanging room dividers does EASYfelt have?

    A room divider is becoming increasingly popular and cannot be missing from your office or home.

    The divider contributes to good acoustics and is a real eye-catcher in the room.

    At EASYfelt, you have a wide choice of dividers, thanks to the various patterns and colours. It is also possible to combine different dividers for a more playful effect.

    Our standard range of screens and dividers consists of various designs. For example, we have a line called Divide: these are room dividers suspended from the ceiling with adjustable cable hangers at any desired height.

    There is a choice of 6 designs and for each design you have a choice of 4 options. Designs to choose from are: tree trunks, dots, lines, plants and triangles.

    The dividers are available in two sizes: 90 x 240 and 120 x 240. You can also choose from 32 colours of 9 mm PET felt. By adding an acoustic divider, you create an atmospheric, unique and soft partition.

    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestische room divider monstera grass 2

    What stand-alone dividers does EASYfelt have?

    We also have the LeaveMe line, which are standing room dividers.

    Thanks to their light weight, they are easy to move around. There is a choice of 5 leaf-shaped designs.

    Also with this room divider, you have a choice of 32 colours of PET felt and two types of wood for the curved frame. The LeaveMe stands on a round base made of black steel.

    The room divider can be placed in an office environment, reception area, meeting place or in your home.

    EASYfelt LeaveMe monstera oak red | Akoestische divider

    What acoustic screens does EASYfelt have?

    An acoustic screen from EASYfelt is functional, beautiful and durable and can dampen sound transmission between different workplaces.

    By adding an acoustic screen, you create peace and privacy for employees. For example, we offer the EASYfelt Fency - this is a loose screen - and the Fency Workspace - an arrangement around several desks.

    There is a choice of 3 colours of 25 mm thick PET felt: Dark Grey, Light Grey and Silver Grey. The uprights and the feet of the screen are made of aluminium and are available in black as standard. Other aluminium colours are also available on request. The feet are available in round or square shape.

    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestische Fency Workspace | akoestische scheidingswand

    Customised room dividers

    We have our own cutting machines and designers who will be happy to help you come up with your own design. Choose, for example, a Divide with your own logo or design on it. A lot is possible! Wondering what we can do for you? Get in touch with us.

    Wall decoration from EASYfelt

    Besides the range of screens and dividers, we have many wall decoration options. The different modules, colours and thicknesses can be alternated and, again, combined with the dividers. Read more about our soundproof wall decoration made of PET felt.