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    Acoustic ceiling islands

    Acoustic ceiling islands are sound-absorbing elements that are freely suspended and placed with distance from the ceiling.

    These acoustic panels are hung horizontally, so the surface faces the sound. High absorption capacity is created and room acoustics are improved.

    Acoustic Ceiling Islands: Stylish Sound Solutions for Every Space

    In a world where noise pollution has become an everyday problem, finding effective solutions is of great importance. EASYfelt presents a range of acoustic ceiling islands, crafted from high-quality PET felt with a thickness of 25 mm.

    These ceiling islands not only provide effective sound absorption but also add a touch of style to any space in which they are applied.

    Sustainability in Design

    The acoustic ceiling islands are made from recycled PET felt, not only ensuring effective sound absorption but also contributing to sustainability.

    The 25 mm thick ceiling islands are available in three refined shades of gray: Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Silver Grey. These options allow you to customize the ceiling islands to the specific aesthetics of your space, whether it's an office, a shop, or a home environment.

    Various Designs

    EASYfelt understands that every space is unique, and therefore, they offer their acoustic ceiling islands in three different designs: circle, square, and curved. These diverse shapes allow you to enhance not only the acoustics of the space but also make a visual statement that aligns with your specific style preferences.

    • Circle: Circular ceiling islands are ideal for spaces where an organic and flowing design is desired. They add a playful element and work well in both modern and traditional environments.
    • Square: For those who prefer clean lines and a structured appearance, square ceiling islands offer a perfect solution. They are versatile and complement contemporary interiors.
    • Curved: Curved ceiling islands add a dynamic and unique element to any space. This shape is ideal for those seeking a more striking acoustic solution.

    Applicability in Diverse Environments

    Whether it's a bustling office, a lively shop, or a home environment, acoustic ceiling islands are designed to fit into different settings. In office spaces, they help improve concentration and increase productivity by reducing distracting noises.

    In shops, they contribute to a pleasant shopping experience by creating a serene atmosphere. At home, they provide a cozy and comfortable living environment by minimizing noise disturbances.

    Acoustic Benefits

    The use of acoustic PET felt ceiling islands goes beyond aesthetics. They serve as effective sound absorbers, enhancing the overall acoustics of a space. This is crucial in environments where noise can negatively impact productivity, concentration, and overall well-being.

    By absorbing sound waves, these ceiling islands reduce reverberation and reflections, resulting in a more comfortable and enjoyable acoustic environment. This, in turn, makes conversations clearer, promotes concentration, and enhances the overall sound quality in the space.

    Ease of Installation

    Acoustic ceiling islands are not only designed with aesthetics and acoustics in mind but also with ease of installation and maintenance. The islands are easy to assemble; simply follow our installation guide. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability and a long lifespan.

    Acoustic ceiling islands not only offer a practical solution for sound control but also contribute to the visual appeal of any space. With their sustainable and versatile design, these ceiling islands are the ideal choice for office spaces, shops, and residential areas.

    Improve not only the acoustics of the space but also add a touch of style. Explore the possibilities and transform your space today!

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