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    City Map

    Improve acoustics and have your favourite city in 3D on your wall? You can with our PET felt City Map! The City Map is available in several designs as standard. But your own design, such as your favourite hometown, city or region on the wall is also possible. Please contact us!

    PET felt city maps

    A traditional poster, painting or map is not for you? Then meet our PET felt city maps and bring your favourite city, village or region into your home with this unique decoration. The city maps are very detailed, even showing railway lines and waterways!

    The city where you met your great love, the village where you were born, your current home address... nothing is too crazy. Your own city map on the wall or give it as a gift.

    Range of city maps and customisation

    Choose from our range of popular cities, provide your own design or let us design it for you. Choose the colour combination that best suits your interior.

    The city map is also the ultimate decoration for business use: choose the city of your business address, for example. A real eye-catcher when receiving customers!

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