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    PET felt 12 mm

    Discover the impressive versatility of 12 mm PET felt. Whether you are looking for standard sheets for various projects or self-adhesive wall elements for unique interior accents, this felt offers durability and style in equal measure. With a palette of 18 beautiful colours, there is something for everyone!

    PET felt panels

    The 12 mm thick PET felt standard sheets provide a base for a wide range of applications. The material is ideal for projects where strength and durability are essential, such as acoustic solutions or decorative wall panels.

    Self-adhesive wall elements

    Bring your walls to life with the self-adhesive wall elements made of 12 mm PET felt. These innovative interior solutions not only add a decorative element, but also contribute to sound absorption. Easy to install thanks to the self-adhesive backing.

    Environmental awareness

    Like its two counterparts 9 and 25 mm, the 12 mm PET felt is produced from recycled PET material. As a result, the product combines sustainability with environmental awareness, making it a responsible choice for design projects.

    18 different colours

    With 18 colours available, the 12 mm thick PET felt offers a range of possibilities to let your creativity run wild. Whether you choose muted tones for a soothing atmosphere or vibrant colours for an energetic look.

    Sound-absorbing properties

    The 12 mm thickness of this PET felt not only gives a sturdy and luxurious look to your projects, but also contributes to improved sound absorption properties. It thus offers not only visual impact but also functional benefits for a more pleasant living or working environment.

    In summary, the 12 mm thick PET felt is a powerful and elegant material that improves both the functionality and aesthetics of your projects. With its variety of colours and applications, it opens the door to design possibilities.

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