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    Wall stickers living room

    Decorate the living room with PET felt wall stickers. As such, you create a unique space. At EASYfelt, you can choose from 52 colours of PET felt, so there is always a suitable solution for every interior.

    Wall sticker

    Ready for a change in your living room but don’t feel like overhauling everything? A wall sticker is a simple addition that immediately makes a big difference.

    You spend a large part of your time in the living room and that is why you want this to be a cosy place. PET felt has a soft look and is therefore perfect for creating this cosy place. Curious about the collection of wall stickers from EASYfelt? Then quickly read on.

    Wall stickers abstract shapes

    You will find abstract shapes in our Stick collection, which consists of 23 designs. Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, the wall sticker is easy to attach.

    The wall stickers from the Stick collection can easily be combined with each other. By combining them, you create a unique atmosphere. Here it is possible to choose stickers of the same size, but combining different formats can also be very nice. This gives a playful effect in the living room.

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