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    Wall stickers bedroom

    Looking for a wall sticker for your bedroom? Look no further, at EASYfelt you have come to the right place! We have PET felt wall stickers in various designs. A PET felt sticker is an original wall decoration for your bedroom.

    Which wall stickers does EASYfelt have?

    With us, you have a wide choice of wall stickers in various shapes, colours and sizes. Consider, for example, our Stick or Tile collection.

    The Stick collection consists of 23 designs, with a choice of 48 colours per design. By combining designs, thicknesses and colours, you can create a unique wall sticker.

    The Tile collection consists of 6 designs and you can choose from various designs per design. The PET felt panels are available in 28 colours.

    Attaching wall stickers bedroom

    Attaching a wall sticker to your bedroom is child’s play. We supply the wall stickers in parts with a self-adhesive backing. Clean and degrease the surface, remove the yellow foil from the sticker and simply apply it to the wall.

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