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    With the PET felt from EASYfelt, you can create your wall beautifully and sustainably. Have a look at the many possibilities and create something unique!

    PET felt is not only a creative choice, but it is also absorbent. Moreover, the soft material consists largely of recycled fibres, making it a sustainable choice as well.

    With different designs, modules and colours, you can create your own unique wall. To be applied in your living or working environment, for example.

    Unique designs

    One of the most striking features of PET felt is its versatility when it comes to design. With several available designs, modules and colour options, EASYfelt offers the possibility of creating a wall that completely suits your personal style and preferences.  

    Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern design or want a more playful look, PET felt can be adapted to any aesthetic vision.

    The material also makes it easy to combine different patterns and colours, allowing you to create a unique composition that suits the design and function of the room.
    Whether you want to cover an entire wall or just add an accent, PET felt will adapt to your needs.

    Acoustic comfort

    Besides its visual appeal, PET felt also offers practical advantages, such as its absorptive properties. This property makes the material ideal for spaces where noise control is an issue. Whether in offices, meeting rooms or at home, PET felt contributes to a comfortable acoustic environment.

    PET felt's absorbency helps reduce reverberation, creating a quiet and productive environment. This is not only beneficial for concentration and focus, but also contributes to the general well-being of the room's users.

    Applications in various environments

    The versatility of PET felt makes it suitable for various environments. Whether you want to transform your living room into a cosy and stylish space, or add a contemporary look to your office. PET felt adapts itself to the specific requirements of each environment.

    In a residential setting, it adds warmth and texture to the space, while in a professional setting it creates a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere. PET felt's flexibility allows it to be integrated into both traditional and modern interiors, making it a timeless choice.


    When it comes to PET felt installation, EASYfelt offers user-friendly solutions. Whether you are an experienced DIYer or prefer professional installation, our PET felt products are designed with ease of installation in mind. The solutions are available with a self-adhesive backing. This allows you to quickly enjoy the transformation of your space. 
    PET felt from EASYfelt thus offers a perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality and durability. Whether you want to embellish your space with a unique design, improve noise control, or opt for a durable material, PET felt is the ideal choice.

    Discover the endless possibilities and create a space that is not only beautiful, but also has a positive impact on acoustics. At EASYfelt, we believe in transforming spaces in a responsible and inspiring way. Discover the world of PET felt today and give your walls the attention they deserve.

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