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    PET felt 25 mm

    Enter the world of unprecedented possibilities with 25 mm PET felt. This powerful material offers not only standard boards for various projects, but also a range of eye-catching interior solutions, including acoustic ceiling islands, baffles, planters and screens. Available in three shades of grey, this felt brings subtle elegance and excellent sound absorption to any design.

    Sheet material thick felt

    The 25 mm thick PET felt standard sheets serve as a robust base for projects that demand thickness and strength. Ideal for wall panels, ceiling solutions and freestanding objects.

    Acoustic ceiling islands and baffles

    Bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to any room with the acoustic ceiling islands or acoustic baffles made of 25 mm PET felt. These solutions absorb sound, reduce reverberation and improve acoustics, creating a more pleasant environment.


    Add a touch of green to your interior with the planters made of 25 mm PET felt. Besides the aesthetic aspect, they also serve as sound absorbers. These planters not only provide a place for greenery, but also contribute to a balanced and calming atmosphere.

    Desk and table screens

    Create privacy with stylish screens made of 25 mm PET felt. These screens can be used to demarcate spaces in open-plan offices or as decorative elements in various interiors. Their thick construction contributes to a sense of privacy and sound absorption.

    3 shades of grey

    Available in three shades of grey, the 25 mm thick PET felt offers an understated and sophisticated aesthetic. Whether you choose a light, mid-grey or dark grey shade, these colours fit seamlessly into a variety of interior styles.

    The 25 mm thick PET felt ensures not only visual impact but also functional versatility. This striking thickness opens the door to projects that are both large-scale and sophisticated, with a focus on durability, sound absorption and aesthetics.

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