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    Acoustic wallcovering

    Are you looking for an original wall covering? EASYfelt offers special and acoustic wallcoverings with high-quality PET felt for the wall.

    PET felt is made of PET bottles, a large part of which has been recycled. The material has a soft appearance similar to wool felt. In addition, it is strong, flexible, cuttable and sound-absorbing.

    With an enormous choice of colours and designs, this is a beautiful covering for the wall. In short, a beautiful alternative to wool felt, wallpaper, cork or paint.

    Sound-absorbing wall coverings

    PET felt is not only an attractive and decorative solution. It is also a sound-absorbing wall covering that improves the acoustics in the room. The soft and open structure makes the material sound-absorbing.

    Poor acoustics are caused by the fact that sound can easily reflect. If there are too many reflections in the room, an annoying reverberation occurs and this worsens the intelligibility in the room. This is unpleasant for the comfort of a room and is detrimental to focus and concentration.

    Attaching PET felt to the wall reduces sound reflections in the room. The thicker the PET felt, the better the absorption value.

    So it is ideal if you suffer from reverberation in your office, meeting room, canteen, living room or kitchen.

    Alternative wall covering felt

    PET felt is a more sustainable alternative to regular wool felt, which consumes enormous amounts of water. The polyester felt is made of at least 50% recycled material and is fully recyclable. In addition, it is UV-resistant, which contributes to the material’s long life.

    Additionally, it is lightweight, strong and can be cut in any shape or pattern. This makes it possible to create artistic objects and original wall coverings. With sound-absorbing properties, PET felt wall coverings are the alternative to upholstered walls, wallpaper and other hard finishes.

    Self-adhesive wall coverings

    The felt is available with a self-adhesive backing, which makes it easy to place on the wall. The material is available in large plates so that it can also be placed on the wall as acoustic wallpaper. Make sure that you thoroughly degrease the wall before placing the PET felt.

    Furthermore, you can also opt for original customised designs. With the Stick collection, for example (self-adhesive wall covering panels), it is possible to alternate shapes and colours. Think for example of squares and triangles in different sizes that you combine. In this way, you can create a one-of-a-kind PET felt wall covering. With the solutions of EASYfelt, you bring your space to life!

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