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    What operations can you perform on PET felt?

    PET felt is a special material with numerous applications in the interior design and acoustics world. PET felt is largely made from recycled PET bottles. The felt is not only eco-friendly, but also versatile and durable. In this blog, we take a closer look at PET felt and its various processing and cutting techniques. Discover how to make beautiful creations with this unique material.


    How do we process PET felt at EASYfelt?

    At EASYfelt, we use a digital cutting machine to cut the PET felt to size. This cutting machine cuts out the desired shapes via a drawing on the computer. The drawing also determines the finish of the felt.

    It is possible to supply us with your own digital drawing! Not in possession of your own drawing? No problem! We have in-house designers who will be happy to help you create the drawing for your custom project.

    What cutting techniques are possible?

    Our digital cutting machine allows us to handle various cutting techniques, read below which are the most common ones.


    Cutting PET felt and then pressing out the surfaces is a frequently chosen cutting technique. We use this technique in our City Map:

    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestisch Wandpaneel Close-up city map Zelfklevend


    Cutting PET felt in a V-shape is called V-cut cutting. This is done with our top seller Japandi Wall, for example:

    EASYfelt | PET-vilt wandpaneel | Akoestische wandbekleding | Zelfklevend | Japandi Wall 2


    When several PET felt parts are mounted against each other and a super sleek end result is desired, we choose to bevel-cut the edge. Also called a facet finish, we use this technique for our Stick tiles, for example:

    PET-vilt 9 mm - Stick Kite - Wine Red


    When several V-cuts are made side by side, it is possible to bend the plate, this is the case with our Desky table screens, for example:

    PET-vilt 25 mm - Desky - Akoestisch tafelscherm - Silver Grey

    Construction kit

    PET felt is a self-supporting material and can be assembled like a kit, so to speak. This is the case, for example, with our Telephone buddy:

    EASYfelt duurzaam PET-vilt Telephone Buddy blauw 1

    Made-to-measure at EASYfelt

    We would be happy to help you with PET felt operations or a custom project. Contact us for the possibilities.