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    What can PET felt be used for?

    PET felt, a versatile and durable material, has gained popularity in recent years for its diverse applications and eco-friendly properties. This material is often used in architecture, interior design, and other creative applications because of its aesthetic and acoustic properties. In this blog, we take a closer look at what PET felt is and what all you can use it for.


    What is PET felt?

    PET felt, also known as PET felt, is a material made from at least 50% recycled PET bottles. The recycled PET is processed into fibres and then into felt, resulting in a durable and versatile material.

    PET felt has some remarkable properties, including:

    • Sustainability: PET felt is a highly durable material and has a long lifespan, helping to reduce waste and promote environmental awareness;
    • Acoustic properties: PET felt has excellent acoustic performance. It can absorb sound and contribute to an improved sound environment in various rooms;
    • Aesthetics: The material has a soft look and is available in different colours and designs.

    Applications of PET felt

    Acoustic panels

    One of the most common applications of PET felt are acoustic panels. These panels are used to absorb sound and improve acoustics in rooms. They are ideal for offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, home and other places where noise control is important.  

    PET-vilt 9 mm - Panel 9 mm

    Applications of PET felt


    The variety of colours and designs PET felt makes it possible to create unique and attractive interiors. Moreover, it helps reduce noise pollution and improves the overall acoustics of a room.

    Wall decoration
    EASYfelt akoestische wandbekleding PET-vilt zelfklevend Stick Lohex woonkamer vierkant

    Applications of PET felt

    Ceiling solutions

    PET felt is also often used for ceiling solutions, such as ceiling islands or baffles. This not only creates a visually attractive ceiling design, but also contributes to sound absorption and noise reduction in the room.

    EASYfelt Plafondeiland Circle drie kleuren 3

    Applications of PET felt

    Decorative applications

    From tables to planters, PET felt is often used for creative and decorative purposes. The material's versatility makes it possible to create all kinds of shapes and designs.

    Get inspired
    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestisch Planter 755 mm met Wielen

    Colour variations and quality of PET felt

    PET felt is available in various colours and designs. With us, you have as many as 52 different colours to choose from. This makes it easy to adapt the material to the specific design needs of a project. Curious about our colours? Simply order samples to assess the colours and quality of the material.

    The quality of PET felt is high. The material is sturdy and durable, which is essential for most applications. It also offers excellent acoustic properties, making it a popular choice for noise control in various environments.