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    What is PET felt and what can it be used for?

    PET felt is made of at least 50% recycled PET. The material is acoustic and durable and can be used for various solutions. Recycled PET is part of the plastic from soft drink and water bottles. At the end of its life, the PET felt can be recycled again.


    What thicknesses and colours of PET felt are there?

    EASYfelt has 3 thicknesses of PET felt in its range: 9 mm, 12 mm and 25 mm. Each thickness has its own colour range, making the pallet a total of 52 colours.

    The panels are durable and tested in accordance with EN-1350. In addition, they comply with fire class B-s1, d0.

    What do you use PET felt for?

    PET felt can be used for decorative solutions. For example, you can use it as: 

    In addition, the felt is suitable for various applications. From restaurant to hotel, an office or living room: PET felt gives a soft and cuddly look and feel to any space.

    Almost everything can be covered with PET felt, just not the floor. PET felt sheets can be provided with a self-adhesive backing, making them easy to attach.

    In addition, the 25 mm thick felt variant is also perfect for making freestanding objects. This is because this thickness is self-supporting. An object you can think of, for example, is a planter.

    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestisch Planter 755 mm met Wielen

    Are there also PET felt customised solutions?

    Besides our standard decorative solutions, we are also happy to help you with a customisation request. For example, it is possible to make your logo out of felt. Our designers will be happy to elaborate this design. In addition, we have our own cutting machines in-house, enabling us to realise the desired design quickly.

    EASYfelt Maatwerk logo duurzaam PET-vilt 50five group akoestisch zelfklevend

    Does PET felt improve acoustics?

    Because PET felt is a soft material, it has a sound-absorbing/sound-damping effect. However, the thicker the felt, the better the sound-absorbing effect. PET felt contributes even more to good room acoustics when placed in a cavity.

    Can you use felt as a pinboard?

    A question we regularly get is whether the felt can also be used as a notice board. This is certainly possible, but the felt will then no longer have a sound-absorbing function. This is because the sound then reflects off the items you pin to the felt. The felt then mainly has a decorative function.