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    Create a quiet workplace with room dividers

    In Refitters' office building, we installed three EASYfelt room dividers. Room dividers have properties that absorb sound. This creates more peace and privacy in your workplace. Aesthetically, it also adds to the space!

    You can choose from 6 designs, several designs and 32 colours. So a suitable solution for every room.

    Refitters chose the Divide ZigZag in the size 120 x 240 cm. The dividers are made of 9 mm acoustic felt in the colour Petrol. This colour matches nicely with the interior and the blue carpet in the office.

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    PET-vilt 9 mm - Divide ZigZag - Dark Blue - Kantoorinrichting
    PET-vilt 9 mm - Divide ZigZag - Dark Blue - Kantoor