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    PET felt 9 mm

    Discover the unlimited possibilities of PET felt with a thickness of 9 mm, where functionality and aesthetics come together. With standard boards, paintings and wall stickers in the range, for example, this versatile material brings a wide range of solutions.

    Standard panels

    The 9 mm thick PET felt standard boards provide a solid base for a variety of projects. Whether you are looking for a durable material for acoustic panels or an interior addition.

    Products with 9 mm felt

    Add flair to your space with PET felt paintings. With our line Scandinavian Creations, we offer a variety of paintings. Choose from a range of 32 vibrant colours to create artworks to suit any style and mood.

    Or easily transform any wall with PET felt wall stickers. The 9 mm thickness creates a beautiful 3D effect, while the colour options give you the freedom to personalise your space. Ideal for adding dynamism to offices, living spaces or children's rooms.


    Made from recycled PET material, the 9 mm thick PET felt combines sustainability with environmental awareness. This makes it not only an aesthetically pleasing choice, but also a contribution to a more sustainable world.

    Colourful palette

    With a choice of 32, ranging from subtle neutral tones to vibrant accent colours, the 9 mm PET felt offers unlimited possibilities for creative expression. Mix and match colours to create unique designs that fit seamlessly into any space.

    Whether you are looking for functional sound-absorbing solutions or beautiful accents for your interior, the 9 mm thick PET felt opens the door to a world of creative possibilities. A versatile material that both stimulates the senses and contributes to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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