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    Japandi style

    At EASYfelt, we have various wall decorations for the interior trend of the moment: The Japandi style. Combine Scandinavian and Japanese design in your interior!

    Japandi style with PET felt material

    Enter the harmonious world of Japandi style, a sublime fusion of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese minimalism. With us, you will find a wide selection of cap felt products that perfectly match this refined and soothing interior design style.

    Japandi: A nice blend

    Japandi style stands for timeless elegance. It combines the warm, natural elements of Scandinavian design with the clean lines and understated beauty of Japanese aesthetics. Our PET felt products contribute to this balance, bringing a sense of calm and simplicity to the living space.

    PET felt in Japandi interiors

    PET felt is a material that fits seamlessly with the principles of Japandi design. It is characterised by its durability and versatility, making it perfect for various applications in your interior. Think wall or ceiling solutions.

    Wall paintings Japandi-style

    PET felt is perfect for wall hangings. The material is durable and soundproof, creating a soothing atmosphere. Choose abstract artworks or minimalist designs to embrace the Japandi style.

    Wall-filling solutions – Japandi Wall

    New in our range: Japandi Wall available in 9 mm and 12 mm thickness. A great alternative to an akupanel panel, Japandi Wall adds both style and sound insulation to your space.

    Self-adhesive wall decoration

    Several PET felts in our range have a self-adhesive backing, think geometric patterns and shapes. The self-adhesive aspect makes the product easy to assemble.

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