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    Free-standing room dividers

    In the world of interior design, creating versatile and functional spaces is essential. Detached room dividers made of PET felt offer a contemporary solution for defining spaces with a combination of flexibility and style. With a choice of six curved top shapes and a PET felt planter, these room dividers offer a versatile way to divide up a space without compromising aesthetics.

    Stylish curved blade shapes

    With a choice of six different curved top shapes, our freestanding room dividers offer a range of design options. The room dividers adapt effortlessly, to various interior styles.

    PET felt planter

    Besides the different leaf shapes, we also offer one as a room divider. This not only as a decorative element, but also to add a natural green accent to the room. The planter contributes to a healthy living environment, more separation and gives the room a refreshing look.

    Flexible room layout

    The freestanding nature of these room dividers allows them to be moved easily, keeping the layout of a room flexible. Whether creating private workspaces in an office environment or dividing up an open-plan living room, these room dividers offer an effective and elegant solution.

    Customisable colour palette

    To seamlessly match your existing colour palettes and design preferences, room dividers are available in a diverse range of colours. From neutral tones to vibrant accent colours, the options are extensive to suit different tastes and styles.

    In short, PET felt free-standing room dividers are a harmonious fusion of functionality and design, not only dividing any space but also enriching it with a contemporary aesthetic.

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