• Number 1 in PET felt
  • Quickly available from stock
  • Colour range of 48 colours
  • Can also be ordered with self-adhesive backing
Lange nagalmtijd in woning verholpen

Long reverberation time in the residence solved with absorption materials

In this house, our acoustic consultant found that the reverberation time was very long. The acoustic measurement indicated that it was necessary to cover almost 40 percent of the floor...

Akoestische roomdividers

Create a quiet workplace with room dividers

We have installed three EASYfelt room dividers in this office building. Room dividers have sound-absorbing properties which create more peace and privacy at your workplace. Aesthetically it is also a...

Kantoortuin Azena Eindhoven - akoestisch dividers

Acoustic room dividers in an open office

In this enormous office space of 973 m², the staff experienced a lot of reverberation. After an acoustic measurement, we came up with a good solution.The company approached our sister...