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    Telephone stand

    In the world of handy accessories, the PET felt phone stand is a versatile addition to any workplace or relaxation area. With its easy assembly, durability and choice of 32 vibrant colours, this stand offers not only a practical solution for placing your phone on your desk, but also handy for relaxed moments of series watching.

    Easy mounting

    The PET felt phone stand is designed with ease of use in mind. Without complicated instructions or tools, you can easily assemble the stand. This makes it not only suitable for daily use on your desk, but also convenient to take with you on the go.

    Choice of 32 colours

    With a wide range of colours to choose from, you can personalise the phone stand based on your own taste and interior. Whether you prefer an understated look or want to add a striking accent to your desk, there is always a colour to suit you.

    Multifunctional design

    This phone stand is not only ideal for placing your phone on your desk while working, but also perfect for relaxing moments like watching series. By placing your phone at a comfortable viewing angle, the stand provides a hands-free experience, allowing you to enjoy your favourite content without tired hands.

    Compact and portable

    With its lightweight design, the phone stand is easy to carry. Whether you are moving from one workspace to another or on the go, this stand adds minimal burden to your bag while offering maximum convenience.

    In essence, the PET felt phone stand not only offers a practical solution for organising your workspace, but also adds a touch of colour and style to your daily routine. A versatile solution that combines functionality with aesthetics, keeping your phone always within reach, whether you are at work or relaxing to enjoy your favourite series.

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