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    Table screens

    Discover our versatile collection of table screens, made of high-quality PET felt with a thickness of 25 mm. This durable material not only offers excellent sound absorption, but also adds a stylish and modern touch to any room. The table screens are available in three shades of grey: light grey, mid grey and dark grey.

    EASYfelt Desky

    For adults who need concentrated work, whether at home or in the office, we present our elegant table screens. These screens not only create visual separation, but also act as a sound barrier, creating a quiet and productive workspace. Easy to fold in and out, these screens offer the flexibility to quickly adapt your workspace to changing needs. Store them easily when not in use.

    EASYfelt Homework Castle

    For little workers, we introduce our homework castle - a playful version of our table screens. Made with the same high-quality PET felt of 25 mm thickness, the homework castle provides a private space for concentration and creativity. Whether doing homework, drawing or crafting, this screen allows children to focus on their activities in peace. Like the adult version, the homework castle is also easy to store and move.

    Diversity and flexibility

    The versatility and flexibility of our table screens make them the ideal addition to any work or study space. Create a calm and organised atmosphere with our stylish table screens and experience the convenience of working and studying effortlessly in peace.

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