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    Art Botanical

    Discover our new series called Art Botanical! This collection includes duo paintings with beautiful botanical prints, specially designed to embellish and enliven any room. What makes these paintings so unique is that they come as a duo!

    Duo paintings

    Each duo painting made of PET felt in the Art Botanical series consists of two works perfectly mirrored from each other in colour. This symmetrical arrangement creates a harmonious and balanced look that attracts attention and transforms the space. Whether in a living room, office or lobby, these artworks are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!


    Measuring 40 x 25 cm, these artworks are ideal for complementing different interior configurations. They fit perfectly above a sofa, in a hallway or as a showpiece on a shelf. Moreover, the compact size of the PET felt paintings offers the flexibility to combine them with other decorative elements and adapt them to the style of any room.

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