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    Working on a zero waste policy

    Sustainability is a top priority at EASYfelt, which is why we also like to give PET felt scraps a life! A long-term wish of EASYfelt is therefore a zero waste policy of our PET felt scraps. Our standard and custom products are (cut out) with a digital cutting machine. So this means that we have many leftover pieces in various shapes. Finding a good final destination for these various forms requires some challenges at times, but we are already making great strides toward a zero waste policy.


    So what do we do with our leftover pieces?

    EASYfelt Mosaic

    To give our leftover pieces a beautiful final destination, we have developed a new product called EASYfelt Mosaic. These are 7.5 x 7.5 cm tiles that you can get started with yourself.

    Many of these mosaic tiles are made from leftover pieces resulting from cutting during our production.

    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestische Mosaic Zelfklevend

    Butter, cheese & eggs

    As a goodie, we developed our own sustainable butter, cheese & eggs game. Reuse the game board infinitely many times! ♻️ Curious about the game? Check out our TikTok how to assemble the board and who won the first game with us:



    Another great development is our collaborations with designers. In these collaborations, we explore what can be done with our leftover PET felt. A great example is our project with sustainable acoustic panels.


    One challenge for EASYfelt toward a zero wast policy is finding a final destination for our small pieces of cut waste that we can no longer cut up. Think of elements that are pressed out of the top plate of the City Map.

    We take up this challenge with both hands and believe in finding a final destination for these leftover pieces in the future as well!