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    Why PET felt is the replacement for wooden panels

    Nowadays, wooden panels are very popular. There is a growing trend towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices in our interiors. However, these wooden wall panels do not compare to PET felt panels. Felt offers a convincing alternative to traditional wooden wall panels. Read here about the many benefits of PET felt and why it can be a smart choice for your next interior design project.

    What is PET felt?

    PET felt is an innovative material made from recycled PET bottles. This recycling approach makes PET felt not only an environmentally responsible choice but also provides excellent acoustic and aesthetic properties. The process transforms discarded plastic bottles into a versatile material that is aesthetically appealing and offers numerous functional benefits.

    Advantages of PET felt compared to wooden panels

    Acoustic benefits

    One of the most prominent advantages of PET felt is its acoustic properties. PET felt absorbs sound, helping to significantly reduce reverberation in spaces. This makes the acoustic panels ideal for use in busy offices, restaurants, or even homes where echo is an issue. Unlike wood, which can reflect sound and contribute to noise pollution, PET felt provides a dampening effect that enhances the acoustics within a space.

    Aesthetic and functional flexibility

    PET felt is not only highly practical, but it also offers a lot of aesthetic possibilities. Available in various colours and textures, PET felt can seamlessly integrate into any design style and space. The material can also be cut into various shapes and patterns, giving designers the freedom to create unique and eye-catching visual elements that are not possible with a wooden slatted wall. This way, you can combine PET felt with different interior styles.

    Easy installation

    Another significant advantage of PET felt is its ease of installation. Unlike a wooden slatted wall, which often requires complex assembly, PET felt is relatively easy to mount. It does not require special tools or treatment and is resistant to moisture, simplifying maintenance and extending its lifespan.

    PET-vilt 9 mm - Parallel Wall - Maatwerk

    The pros and cons of wooden slat walls

    Although a slat wall offers a certain aesthetic value, such as a natural appearance, and is both durable and easy to maintain, it can sometimes fall short in terms of acoustics. The felt behind the wooden slats can indeed absorb sound, but the hard material of the wood itself reflects sound. This results in suboptimal sound absorption, especially at low and mid frequencies.

    Is a slatted bed base insulating?

    It is important to emphasise that although PET felt has excellent sound-absorbing properties, it is not specifically designed for sound insulation. This means that it mainly absorbs sound within a space, but does not necessarily prevent the transfer of sound to other spaces. Nevertheless, it is an excellent choice for improving the overall sound quality within any space.

    For those considering renovating or redecorating their space, PET felt is worth considering as it offers benefits in both the short and long term. Feel free to contact us. Let's discuss how we can improve the acoustics of your space and add style!