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    Customisation at EASYfelt

    When it comes to creative and functional solutions, PET felt is a material that allows you to bring your vision to life. Whether you are looking for customised panels, a unique corporate logo, or 3D objects. PET felt offers endless possibilities. In this blog, we dive deeper into customisation with the material PET felt at EASYfelt.


    Custom-made panels


    We offer our various thicknesses of PET felt in different sizes on the website. Is your size not listed? Then we can customise the PET felt panels for you. These PET felt panels serve as decorative elements and/or improve room acoustics

    EASYfelt duurzaam dik PET-vilt akoestisch Panel basic 9mm

    Corporate logos made of PET felt:

    a visual identity

    Your company logo is the core of your visual identity. With PET felt, you can have your logo manufactured in different formats. From smaller dimensions to almost wall-filling designs. You can choose from 52 colours of PET felt, so there is always a colour that matches your corporate identity.  

    EASYfelt duurzaam PET-vilt maatwerk Grandia logo op maat zelfklevend

    3D Objects:

    a unique approach to design

    The versatility of PET felt extends to 3D objects. This opens the door to creative designs that range from decorative elements to functional objects. Think of a table or cabinet made from PET felt. We also offer planters made of PET felt in our standard range.

    EASYfelt PET-vilt akoestische olifant

    Customisation from A to Z at EASYfelt

    The customisation process at EASYfelt is streamlined from A to Z; we have designers and our own digital cutting machine. This means you can come to us from the very first idea.

    With us, customisation is not just limited to customised panels, company logos or 3D objects, there are many more possibilities! So are you planning to create something unique or have you already created your own design? With us, you've come to the right place.

    Sustainable material

    The use of PET felt goes hand in hand with sustainability. PET felt panels are largely made from recycled plastic bottles. This material is therefore an eco-friendly choice.

    The material also has a sleek and modern look, which makes it suitable for various spaces and applications.

    Customisation with the material PET felt thus offers a world of possibilities. So whether you are looking for a customised PET felt sheet, a unique wall covering, a company logo or creative 3D objects? At EASYfelt, you've come to the right place!

    In the world of customisation with PET felt, there is (virtually) no limit to what you can create. Your imagination is the only limitation.