• Number 1 in PET felt
  • Quickly available from stock
  • Colour range of 48 colours
  • Can also be ordered with self-adhesive backing

Customisation with PET felt

Have you created your own design with PET felt panels? Or are you planning to create something unique with PET felt? Customisation is no problem for us!

Customisation with EASYfelt is easy:

  • we have our own cutting machines;
  • we have a large stock of 48 different colours of PET felt;
  • we have designers who think along with you in terms of design and layout of drawings;
  • we have acoustic advisers who will work with you to achieve the right acoustic result.

Processing possibilities for PET felt

Due to the digital cutting machines that we have in-house, there are many possibilities with PET felt! With this technique we can:

  • accurately cut to any size;
  • cutting different shapes, where shapes can, for example, fit into each other like a puzzle;
  • cutting V-grooves and faceted edges to create a 3D effect;
  • cutting and notching so that the PET felt becomes pliable.

Please contact us for the possibilities and more information about customisation!

Objects made of PET felt

PET felt is an ideal building block for making decorative and acoustic objects. The 25 mm version in particular is so thick that it is self-supporting in many ways.

We have already made several objects, such as an acoustic elephant and a planter made of PET felt.

Of course, we offer you the possibility to get started yourself and supply a design. We are happy to think along with you!