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Improving acoustics

What is acoustics? How do high reverberations occur and how can you improve acoustics?

The importance of good acoustics is increasingly recognised. Pleasant sound quality at work, school or at home leads to more comfort, better speech intelligibility and more tranquillity.

On this page, you will find further explanations and tips for improving acoustics at home or work.

Poor acoustics

An interior with many hard materials such as concrete, glass or a screed floor causes poor acoustics. Sound waves that hit a hard surface are reflected.

These reflections not only cause a direct sound, but also an indirect sound, to enter the room. The indirect sound is then perceived as reverberation. Reverberation in a religious building can be enjoyable, but in an office or classroom, it is rather undesirable.

High reverberation makes it more difficult to be able to understand each other. This requires extra effort and concentration. As a result, the brain becomes fatigued more quickly. At work, this reduces productivity and increases stress levels.

What are the benefits of good acoustics?


A low reverberation level leads to better speech intelligibility. A reverberation time of half a second is ideal in an office or at home.

Reduced fatigue

If the acoustics are pleasant, it takes less energy for the brain to concentrate on a conversation. Ambient noise is easier to process. This leads to less fatigue.

More accuracy

With pleasant acoustics, we can carry out tasks faster and more accurately. In addition, we can work longer while focused. Thus, productivity increases.

Healthier living environment

Annoying, persistent noise leads to an increase in cortisol and more stress. Good acoustics, therefore, contribute to greater well-being, comfort and peace of mind and a healthier living environment.

Reducing reverberation

Reverberation is removed from the room by making the surfaces that reflect sound waves absorbent. This includes ceiling and wall surfaces. In particular, surfaces around seating areas and desks are good places to add acoustic solutions.

Reducing reverberation in the whole room is done by placing acoustic devices evenly throughout the room. A plastered ceiling causes reflections in the whole room. To improve the acoustics of the whole room, it is important to place acoustic elements on the ceiling.

Acoustic investigation

EASYfelt is a sister company of EASY Noise Control. They are specialists in the field of acoustics.

EASY Noise Control measures, advises, supplies and installs acoustic solutions. They can provide an exact insight into what you can do to improve the acoustics.

EASYfelt's PET felt is of course one of the many solutions that they can include in their advice and proposal. Read more on the acoustic investigation page and directly make an appointment on site.

View our solutions

EASYfelt has various solutions for reducing reverberation. Have a look at our acoustic wall solutions or partitions. You can also purchase individual PET felt panels from us.

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